GLAM OR SHAM?: Cassie's Messy Weave Ponytail at the 2010 BET Awards

What's on the back of Cassie's head at the BET Awards? It seems the formerly shaven star had an urge for some hair and grabbed a mess of matted, blonde tracks and attached them to the base of her head.

Besides the fact that the ponytail is not adequately combed, it is an alarmingly different shade and texture than Cassie's own caramel locks. As an extension connoisseur, who has learned the ways of weave through trial and error, I recognize Cassie's mismatched texture and color as a cardinal sin.

This is surprisingly an off-night for her as far as beauty is concerned. What's your verdict? Am I being too harsh? Is her hairstyle GLAM or a SHAM?



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