Leave Willow Smith Alone: The 9-year old Faces Criticism for Funky Outfits and Budding Music Career

While many critics are claiming Willow Smith shouldn't be allowed to flaunt her funky fashion sense, I am all for it.

Why do you ask? Well, growing up I was always weird (read: highly-creative, unique sense of style) and my mother's decision to nurture my artistic spirit and love for fashion is why I have the job I do now. (Anyone who saw my preschool picture in my favorite white and purple striped jumpsuit, white ballet flats, purple headband and fierce hand-on-the-hip pose can attest to this).

I think it's great to embrace and even encourage your child to be unique, free and comfortable in their own skin; it goes a long way in building their self-esteem and teaching them it's okay to be different.

So my take: bring on the half-shaved mohawk, the Converse shoe-pants, the leopard print ensemble if that's how she'd love to dress.

The full-blown entertainment career at the age of nine, however, may be another story. Just yesterday, Mother Jada Pinkett announced that Willow is gearing up for her debut album. See her quote below:

"I have always had a love for music, always, always, and always. I probably started to pursue it a little late in life. But it was always a passion of mine. I had always been too afraid to venture into music, but I decided when I was about 30 to just go for it. I started a metal band called Wicked Wisdom. I toured and I loved it...But soon after, my kids' careers started taking off, so I sacrificed it. I am pleased to say my daughter, Willow, will be putting out an album soon and I look forward to enjoying music through her creations. So I am excited about that, and she's pretty awesome," Jada said.

To be fair, Willow is not the first kid star---and she has her Mom guiding her every step of the way. But when I think of how the music industry operates, from its debauchery to the leeches that lurk at every star-studded corner, I can't help but wonder if it's the right place for a developing child. (We all saw what happened to Michael Jackson...RIP).

What do you think? Is Willow's funky fashion and budding music career to much for a 9 year-old child? Is she just having fun with fashion? Should critics leave her be? Should she wait to pursue a music career? Discuss.

And check out her head-turning looks below.




sssdawna said...

those are some cool little kids and people need to leave them alone!! it's awesome that they're growing up in a home where they're encouraged to try new things, be open minded, and be true to who they are. a lot of people don't get that growing up and they suffer in adulthood. an album?? i'm nervous about that but if her mom is guiding her, it could be ok.

Dana said...

I think kids today need positive influences like Willow. She's not trying to grow fast. I'm sure her budding music career will also stay under the watchful thumb of her parents. Miley Cyrus will not be young forever and Taylor is already in her early twenties. So a fresh young face with positive music to cater to her peers might not be so terrible.

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