Smell My Finger!: Revlon Launches Scented Nail Polishes For Summer

I don't really know how I feel about the idea of scented nail polish just yet only because I wonder if it'd be ok for me to actually sit and sniff my fingers all day long. Also, how would you get other people to obligingly smell your fingers? I do happen to remember being a little girl and wearing scented nail polish...I can't remember what brand it was (it was probably Avon because that's what my mother sold growing up) but I did put it on and sniff my fingers as well as ask others to do the same. So, would it be ok as a sophisticated adult woman for me to do the same? Hmmmm......

I said all of this to say that Revlon has launched a special line of scented nail polishes exclusively for summer (that's them pictured above). Apparently, this will be their second year to do so (I never noticed them last year) and the line features several fun scents such as Orange Smoothie, Gum Drop and Cotton Candy.

What do you think of this idea, Glamazons? Is this something that you'd try? Also, would you paint your toenails with this scented polish? Or is the idea of scented toes just a really bad idea?


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DWJ said...

I keep seeing the scented nail polish and it reminds me of childhood but I don't know if I want it in adulthood. I may break down and try it. W

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