Gucci Reveals Name Of New Women's Scent

Remember when I told you about Evan Rachel Wood (ie True Blood's Vampire Queen haha) getting a fragrance deal with Gucci? Well, the brand was keeping all deets about the fragrance under wraps...until now!
According to today's issue of WWD, the scent is called Gucci Guilty and will hit shelves in September 2010. The brand recently shot the TV commercial for the fragrance (starring Wood, of course) and directed by "Sin City" creator Frank Miller. No other leaks on the actual commercial, but considering that the name of the fragrance includes the word "guilty" and that it's directed by a guy who creates "sin," I'm sure it will be extra debaucherous! (Much like the photo above of Wood...which btw is totally not related to the fragrance...I just thought that it matched the whole them of "guilt" and "sin." Wouldn't you agree? lol)


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