New Beauty Brand On The Block: L'Bel

There's Avon, Mary Kay and now L'Bel! I was recently introduced to this brand at a beauty breakfast last week and, after extensive testing of the products, was presently surprised to learn that this is actually good stuff.
After getting over my initial excitement of the fact that there was actual breakfast there (side note: I can't tell you the countless number of these things that I attend where breakfast only consists of a piece of fruit and coffee and I leave starving!) we (i.e. us beauty editors and bloggers) were given the entire background of the brand. I'll spare you the extremely long winded presentation we received (it's a good thing there was lots of coffee!) but I will tell you that the brand is French (hence the exotic name).
It just hit the U.S. and is sold through independent advisors (just like how you'd purchase products from Avon and Mary Kay). After flipping through the catalog provided in the goody bags we received at the end of the event, I noticed that there are products in the cosmetic, bath, body and fragrance arenas as well as goodies for men. So far I'm loving the Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream, Hydra Calme Moisturizing Body Milk Lotion and Megacils XP False Lash Effect mascara. This stuff is super affordable (the mascara is only $15!) so you won't have to worry about breaking the bank in order to get your hands on some truly luxurious products. For more information on how to purchase, simply click here to visit their website. Happy shopping!


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