Breaking Beauty News: Keira Knightley's New Bobbed 'Do

Hey Glamazons! So, I've finally been able to climb out from underneath my pile of knit clothing and as I scour the net I see this awesome new hair from Keira Knightley. Um, LOVE. (The hair color? Not so much; but then again that's a whole 'nother topic of discussion to be had.) Although she's no stranger to short hair, I think that this look suits her very well. She looks grown-up and sophisticated. I wonder if she got this haircut due to a new movie role that she's filming? Or maybe it's because she's a Chanel gal? (Doesn't she look totally classic Chanel here?!) I'm only saying because it looks so drastically different than the looks that she usually goes for (see Exhibits A, B and C below):

Here she is rocking very pretty (but mainstream) two-toned ringlets...

Now she's all banged out....

And wait! This has got to be a wig, right?! Just because it looks so horrible..and made me laugh. Not because it looked horrible, but because it looked so much like a horribly obvious wig ahahahaha....

So, what do you think of her new haircut, Glamazons!? Do you hate it or love it? Tell me everything in the comments section below.


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