You Simply Must Treat Yourself To This New Pedicure Treatment at Eve Salon

Speaking of the fact that I only get mani/pedi's every blue moon, there must have definitely been a blue moon in effect a couple of weeks ago because I got the awesome treat of a pedicure service. And, because the beauty gods have smiled so lovingly upon me to receive, I feel that it's my beauty civic duty to tell you everything about it. Because, yes. It is that awesome.
I'm talking about none other than the Eve Salon's Pumpkin Spice pedicure. One word: AtotheMazing.
That's a pic of my toes after I got it done above. Don't they look deliciously soft and pretty?! OK, OK, I know that's kind of gross to say because how are feet delicious? Ew. I think I thought of the word 'delicious' to describe my toes only because the pedicure treatment itself just smelled so delish! No joking around, Glamazons.
It starts off like a normal, run-of-the-mill pedicure in that you take off your shoes and socks but that's where the similarities end.
Your feet are soaked in a French Sugared Vanilla Mineral Salt Soak and if that's not enough to make you start craving sugar-coated things then the Pumpkin Glow Scrub surely will! After the scrub, your feet are doused into another heavenly smelling Warming Pumpkin Masque and left to marinate. Just when you think that this pedi can get no better, the nail technician caps removes the masque and commences to give an amazing foot and leg massage with the French Sugared Vanilla Silk and Honey Lotion. Oh, and did I mention that the entire time you are sipping on a complimentary hot cup of spiced cider?! I was floating on cloud 9 for the rest of the day afterwards. Sigh.
The treatment lasts 60 delightful minutes and costs $45. Yeah, a bit pricey if you're on a serious budget but totally worth the indulgence. Plus, you may as well treat yourself to a really nice pedi because I'm sure that you totally deserve it!


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