GLAM OR SHAM?: Rihanna's Fashion Week Style

You can always count on Rihanna to make a fashion statement whether she's mixing prints or rocking her fire-red hair in a French Roll. Last season, during Fashion Week, she blew us away with her high-end, rock &roll looks but this time around, she seems to be embracing Fall's ladylike trend. And she's getting mixed responses.

My opinion? Ever since she started wearing her hair long, she's been off. She was out recently with just a blazer, a wide-brimmed fedora and Wolford leopard print knee socks. Okay...

Then, she showed up to her Topshop event (where competition winners were styled by her as a prize) in a Stella McCartney blazer, She Died of Perfection tee, tulle skirt and Marni pumps. Love the clash of a girly tulle skirt with a tough blazer but the fit is off. The blazer should be shorter. Also, the socks with pumps trend is supercool, but with this outfit, it is complete overload. One trend at a time, Rihanna. Not her best moment.

Next, we spotted her out with boyfriend Matt Kemp in a floral Stella McCartney suit and pumps. The shorter hemline helped here, but not a fan of the florals. Seemed like she should have been headed to church on Easter Sunday, not date night.

And lastly, Rihanna made an appearance at the Miu Miu Spring 2011 show in a long floral dress with a plunging neckline, blue socks and red pumps. Sigh. The demure hem and racy neckline clash for me, and not in a good way. Plus the florals, socks and dark color all make her look dowdy. She's a gorgeous, stylish woman with a perfect body; this does nothing to compliment it.

What do you think of Rihanna's style during Fashion Week? Is it an upgrade from last year? Glam or Sham?




The Style Realist said...

she might be trying to hard at this point..i like the floral outfit but HATE the blazer & leggings look - that looks like something LiLo would wear..


Chantal B. said...

I LOVE every outfit BUT when she mixed the prints... If the blue socks would have gone, she would have won.

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