GLAM OR SHAM?: Taylor Momsen's Patent Leather Buckle Knee-High Boot

Glamazons, I usually get super excited when a celebrity wears a pair of boots I can actually afford. But that's when they're actually stylish.

Unfortunately, Taylor Momsen hit the town in a pair of $118 boots that, well, look like they're $118.

With the patent leather material, eight buckles and platform heels, this shoe looks like very stripper-esque.

The new boots, which she paired with a black dress, hoodie and leopard print bag are Pleaser Adore Patent Buckle Knee High Platform Boots.

What do we think of her Stripper-Chic look? GLAM or SHAM?





Chantal B. said...

May just be a sham... I do't like it or maybe I just don't like it on her...

allie said...

That is Taylor Momsen, Taylor Swift would never wear that!

Coutura said...

LOL thanks. I totally knew that. I need to get more sleep smh

Tayler said...

EWWWWW whyyyyy. Taylor Momsen is so gross.

Anonymous said...

I love those boots. They take guts to wear. Wish more women would don a pair.

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