Heidi Klum Launches Clothing Line with New Balance PLUS Behind-the-Scenes Video from Her Commercial

You heard the news that Heidi Klum has retired as a Victoria's Secret Angel, hanging up her wings after several years with the brand. Now that gives her plenty of time to spend with her beautiful family (am I the only one that thinks her and Seal are soo cute?!), say Auf Wiedersehen to designers on Project Runway and start clothing lines.

Her first fashion venture? Uhh, HKNB Heidi Klum for New Balance. Not quite what I expected but she's physically fit, so I guess it makes sense. (Work with me...it's not nearly as bad as Jimmy Choo and Uggs, right?).

She is wearing basics from the line in the promo pic above and I have to say it looks fabulous, but then again, what doesn't look great on Heidi? She had this to say about her new line of basics and outerwear, priced at $32 to $168: “Finding and making the perfect basic is a major challenge, and I think with this collection we rose up to that challenge...I think this collection does achieve that perfect blend of versatility and uniqueness."

The line of tunics, tops and leggings will be available exclusively online at Amazon.com, since like many of us, Heidi just loves online shopping!

Will you shop Heidi's new line for New Balance online? Will you shop it? Discuss and watch her commercial and behind-the-scenes video below.



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