FIRST LOOK: Beyonce's House of Dereon Temporary TEMPTU Tattoos

Happy Friday, Glamazons! So, remember that post that Coutura wrote awhile back about Beyonce and her rock-grunge-glam look from the House of Dereon Fall 2010 photo shoot? Well, besides the fact that she looks like an older, more sophisticated version of Rihanna, she's covered in tattoos! (All fake, of course, but still cool!) With that said, remember when she also told you that Beyonce was going to sell a line of temporary tats at Sephora?!
Now they're here! And how super smart of them to team up with one of my fave makeup brands, TEMPTU (have you tried their AIRbrushing Makeup System yet?! Genius!) to create these limited edition temporary tattoos.
According to Mama Knowles (i.e. Tina), the inspiration for the shoot was a "60's pin-up girl meets futuristic biker chick" and she and Beyonce invited TEMPTU to help them create custom body art to model with the fashions.
"The resulting images were so incredibly strong that we realized consumers might want to re-create the tattoos themselves," Tina said. "We are thrilled to to partner with TEMPTU to bring this limited edition collection of temporary tattoos to the market this holiday season."
Here's what they look like:

Each basic kit retails for $16 and is available for purchase right now at sephora.com, temptu.com and dereon.com! They'll hit Sephora shelves by November 1.
The kit includes: 8 Temporary Tattoo transfer sheets (2 each of 4 designs); 10 Tattoo application pads and 3 collectible kit designs featuring various shots of Beyonce from the Fall 2010 House of Dereon ad campaign.
For the hard-core Beyonce Stans out there, TEMPTU is offering the Tattoo Deluxe Kit. It costs $34 and will include: 500 tattoos; a collector's edition box housing all three kits; a signed Beyonce poster; and a chance to win a Golden Ticket.

What's this Golden Ticket business about you may ask?! Well, there are three of 'em hidden inside of the Deluxe Kits. If you happen to get one, you'll win:
-A trip for you and a friend to NYC for a Beyonce/Dereon-style temporary tattoo photoshoot at the TEMPTU studio
-Meet and greet with TEMPTU VP Global Artistry
-Visit to Sephora for AIRbrush Makeup System Demo
-Visit to Dereon office for a meet and greet with the team
-Dinner with TEMPTU and Dereon hosts
-Tickets to a Broadway show

Sounds like fun, right?! Hopefully it's going to be one of OUR readers that wins the Golden Ticket hahaha.
What do you think of these temporary tattoos, Glamazons? Is it something that you'd wear? I'm personally digging the spine tattoo on the left..perhaps something that I could throw on for Halloween? (Since I still so obvs don't have a costume yet..ugh...)


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