Legends of the Fall: Part Deux

2 - The Booty Calls...

Confession: I am a shoe feine. I crave the perfect boot like a junkie and go searching the city streets (hello West 4th!) until I find it. Why do you ask? Because the right boot can take your old, warm-weather looks through fall without missing a beat. 

Let me explain: no one notices that you're still wearing your gray t-shirt dress from two summers ago when it's paired with a killer pair of fringed, embroidered boots (trust me, this happened Wednesday). Whether knee-high or ankle, leather or suede, boot or bootie, this season's shoes are a step in the right direction.

-Knee-length boots

Believe it or not the more tarnished and beaten down your boots look from trekking through city streets, the better. Wear them flat or with heels (from three-inch to kitten). I personally can't get enough of the contrast of knee-length boots with pretty dresses, but they're just as glam over skinny jeans, tights and leggings.


You better work, Ang!!! And Vanessa's slouchy boots are so laidback glam.


How amazing are these boots! Get the slouchy, sexy look for $180 at aldoshoes.com.

-Peeptoe booties


"It's Fall, why on earth are you showing your toes?" Because it's fierce, that's why. 


The dominitrax style peeptoe will murder any outfit (in a good way)! These killer booties are $119 at ninewest.com.


Okay, I'm drooling. Jimmy Choo gives you a more subdued, sultry version in suede for $550, jimmychoo.com. I know, the price is outrageous, but aren't they just beautiful?

-Fringed suede boot

Fringe adds the perfect Western, bohemian flair to any outfit. Keep the rest of your outfit artsy (i.e. no structured menswear pieces or lacy, frilly looks) and you've got a look that's retro, carefree and fun. 


Just limit it to one fringed piece per outfit or you'll end up looking like Pocahontas...def NOT glam.

These cute, girly Betsey Johnson booties are $320 at zappos.com, and come in black and pink for the adventurous types. (And very cute pink bottoms, Betsey, a la Christian Louboutin...love it!)


Or you can go for a classic, Western look with these suede boots by Minnetoka that boast removable bead and feather details. $75.95 at dsw.com.


3 - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits

Okay, there's nothing wrong with the Hillary-esque tailored, monochromatic pantsuit...umm, right? 


But Fall's pants are just as smart, sassy and confident---and more stylish by a landslide.

-Loose wideleg pants


They're flattering on everybody, I promise. If you're hippy or boy-shaped, get in good with your tailor.  If you're short like me, invest in some comfy heels. 


And the wideleg jeans are pure genius. Throw on a blouse and blazer and you've got the most comfortable work pants ever.


And for $34.50 at oldnavy.com, they're a no-brainer.


Be mindful of the hem. It should break right at the top of your shoe and slant on an angle toward the back. Highwaters are a natural disaster.

-Skinny jeans

...are back with an edgy, rock and roll vibe. Look for an ubercool color like washed-out grey or fresh details like ankle zips and cropped lengths. Dress them up with red shoes, dress them down with black patent flats. Gap has an amazing pair for $55 on gap.com.


Work, Rih Rih!



Please somebody tell me where I can find those amazing liquid leggings Miss Rih-Rih was wearing. (Update: I spotted them at Urban Outfitters for $88 by Members Only but I'll be getting the H&M version...thanks).


I'd shy away from the brights since in the words of my gay crush, it's allllll about monochromatic color this season. So lengthen your legs in gray and black hues with matching footwear. And pair your leggings/tights with a long tunic or cardigan to keep the sex appeal at bay (remember proportions are key!).



The best selection of tights, leggings and knee-highs I've seen so far is at H&M. They have everything from leopard to metallic to striped for reasonable prices. 

Oh and ladies, by the way, you can never look like you tried. You literally woke up and threw your clothes on and voila, you're a bonafide glamazon. 

Let me know which trend you'll be rocking, and which you wouldn't wear to your funeral if you were paid in advance. As for me, I'll be rocker chic in a cropped leather jacket and peeptoe booties (already bought mine from Aldo!). But I'm won't be wearing harem pants unless it's Halloween and I'm Princess Jasmine...

Talk soon.




BigCNYC said...

Coutura, I don't get the peep toe booties. But IF I WERE to wear them, do I wear tights or show my pedi? I went looking for wide-legged jeans today and found a great pair on sale at Banana Republic. I didn't buy them, but I might run back for them tomorrow. Thanks for the fashion tips.

Coutura said...

my pleasure big c! def wanna show your pedi with the peeptoe booties, which means wear them now before it's so cold your toes freeze off! i agree, they're not the most practical shoes, but think the contrast of the exposed toe and covered ankle is pretty cool and edgy. enjoy your banana wideleg jeans! and thanks for reading :-)

Miss Yasmine said...

Yay for the blogs girlies!

Food Lover said...

Peep toe booties rock! I'm still going to wait until they go on sale, though, so I probably will be wearing mine with a mean pair of colored tights!
Love the blog, especially the photos and tips!

stephyb said...

Knee high boots with a dress and a long cardigan, i just LOVE that look and if its cold ill throw on sheer tights. "Believe it or not the more tarnished and beaten down your boots look from trekking through city streets, the better." Music to my ears my friends call my favorite boots woody [ from the movie toy story ] because i love that vintage look.

Savanah said...

That skinny jeans is very stylish..! Well, Gap's holiday season collection is in stores and there are some great finds.

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