Erin Fether-stoned

Okay, maybe the title is harsh but...

Ethereal? I get. Midnight-summer dreamy? I love. But the tiered layers of...flounciness? Not so much. I need to know what far-away planet filled with cotton candy, hallucination and hugs she was visiting while dreaming up these designs. Seriously, by the end, I felt like I was trapped in an episode of the Care Bears (We caare! We caare!).



But I'm happy to say my favorite pretend cousin, Chanel Iman, looked very glam goddess floating down the runway.


Let me know if you agree glamazons...and if you're a vintage-80's-prom-dress lover who wears her puffed sleeves proudly, I want your opinion too. :-)



Photos: Mercedes Benz. NYMag.com.


Fade to Black said...

When ruffles go wrong. I'm a fan of ruffles, but I am not fan of the ruffles on the dreses presented here.

You guys are still fabulous for covering all the hot runway shows of NY Fashion Week!

Anonymous said...

Yea I love Erin, and most of the show was great, but she did go a little overboard with all the huge tiered fluffy ruffles. Is Chanel Iman really your cousin? I just adore her!

Beautylicious said...

I agree with Coutura, the ensemble is a mess! ruffles ended when I was 7 years old-seriously. I dont think Chanel Iman is her cousin......

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