Fashion Week Delerium.

Today was a complete drag for me! I missed every single afternoon show (ie everyone from Monique Lhullier to Betsy Johnson) all because I got stuck in the office calling in credits for a beauty story....boooo! It's always a dissappoint to miss shows...especially when you have an invite that slid down to you from the editor-in-chief..who you KNOW has a front row seat!
But, I did get to attend two evening shows: Max Azria and Vivienne Tam. Coutura and I were discussing how bland and boring Max Azria was, but Vivienne Tam was pretty cool. I was scheduled to cover the backstage area of Vivienne Tam...only to rush over to the backstage MAC lounge to be told that I was too late...and what made it even worse was that they usually have makeup artists on hand to hook up your look really quick and Natasha Bedingfield made a pit stop to get hers done so they closed down the WHOLE lounge! Which meant that Coutura and I would NOT be getting our makeup done tonight before any of the after-parties going down tonight.
So, instead we made a pitstop into the W Hotel Lounge and had a drink. I immediately began scarfing down a bag of the potato chips (some new brand with no trans fat. salt, or cholesterol) and realized that I hadn't eaten ALL day...which made me even hungrier, so needless to say I ended up eating more than one of those bags lol. Then I looked up and noticed Richie Rich (designer for The Heatherettes) was standing right next to us. So, we jumped up to take a pic (see below) and he immediately complimented me on my dress (which was amazing I might add! A great find from H&M).
After leaving the lounge, we rushed into Vivienne Tam and scored some last second seats before the lights dimmed and the show began. One of the funnier moments of the show occured when one of the models tripped in her too big shoes and, instead of faltering all over the place, took them off and kept it going down the runway while the crowd cheered her on.
And now I'm at the office about to hook up the smokey for myself before heading out to the Vivienne Tam after party as well as some other spots on the list. Right now, I'm so delirious from lack of sleep and food, but feeling high off of the the anticipation of a great night out on the town! Or maybe I'm feeling high because my feet are hurting so bad from walking the couple of blocks from the tents to my office in my Christian Louboutin booties.....

Ferocia Coutura at the W Hotel Lounge where we spotted Richie Rich. He's so cool...in that tranny, overbleached kind of way.

The pandemonium backstage before the Miss Sixty show.

A model getting the finishing touches put on her eyes before rushing off to get her hair done...all at least 20 mins before the show is scheduled to start!

Workers making sure everything is in place for the Miss Sixty show...because heaven forbid a light falls down or something on one of the models while they're walking!

Note to self: It's all about jumpsuits this season!!!

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beautylicious said...

How fabulous you girls are!

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