It's only day two that I've been doing Fashion Week and I'm already exhausted. The running around, masses of people (and their sometimes nasty attitudes) can all be a bit overwhelming at times. And let's not forget that I'm still responsible for doing normal things...like laundry. (Wait, is doing laundry normal? Because if I were REALLY smart I'd simply drop it off for someone else to do...but the last time I did that, they lost my bedding and when do I have time to go and buy sheets?! Sorry, I go off on tangents sometimes lol.)
So, you're probably reading this and wondering if this blog will be just another woe-is-me, I work in the magazine industry and my boss is a bitch blog. Nope, not even close. My lovely friend Coutura and I wanted to give you (the readers) an inside scoop to the daily grinds of living in NY and working as assistants in the beauty/fashion realms of one of the most popular magazines in the biz. We want to provide up-to-the-minute fashion and beauty trends as well as the fresh, eclectic style of New York's coolest celebrities and tastemakers.
And now I'm off to the backstage circus at Miss Sixty! Hope you enjoy our blog as much as we'll enjoy updating it daily for you.

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