Fashion Scoop: Rihanna Sets Her Sights on the Fashion World

Everybody's favorite Bajan Belle is hinting at starting a new clothing line...Rih Rih, don't tease us! The celebutante told WWD, "I can't say when it will be released, but it's definitely going to happen. I'm not one to rush into anything. I want to take my time."

Well, time is something she seems to have plenty of. Her reign at the top of the charts lasted from the summer anthems, "Umbrella" and "Take A Bow" to fall's newest hit, "Live Your Life," with T.I. And with the haircut of the millennium (werk, Ursula!), that cool tough girl panache, a rebellious tattoo obsession and those KFC trips with a certain friend*, it doesn't look like Rihanna's going anywhere. I say she rides the fame to the wheels fall off!

*And you say he's just a friend...


All together now...Awwwww. They're too cute!

And clearly, Rih has style to spare...






at the same time, I have to say a prayer that her line is more L.A.M.B. and Topshop (which is debuting in the U.S.!) than House of Dereon and *grimace* Sweetface (that's JLo's line in case you forgot). We've all seen it happen: the fabulous It-girl with impeccable fashion sense decides to put her money where her style is...and the clothes end up being either too expensive, or just plain ugly. You can always tell if the line's worth your time if the star herself actually wears it. If it's not good enough for you to wear (on the regular, Bey, not just in the ads!), than it's not good enough for me either.

Which leads me to the inevitable pitfall of designstars like these: their stylists. Here's where the disconnect happens: the stylist that's responsible for your glamorous looks is nowhere near the design room. Therefore, the collection that bares the name of [insert star here] looks nothing like what [insert star here] actually wears. SO though I love Rihanna and like I said, I'm saying a prayer, I'm really waiting for Rachel Zoe's clothing line to come out (for those who haven't seen her show, The Rachel Zoe Project, on Bravo, she's the stylist du jour for stars like Nicole Richie, Anne Hathaway and even Joy Bryant). But please, Rachel, no scary-looking furs...



What do you think, glamazons? Would you wear Rihanna's designs?

Talk soon.



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StephyB said...

Who doesn't love "Rih Rih", my hair dresser doesn't even ask what kind of haircut you want anymore, instead she asks which rihanna cut do you want! But i agree if it's not good enough for them to wear their own line then what inspires us to wear it because that's what stars are, our inspiration. I have faith in Rihanna's line though, she actually sets trends unlike stars like J-Lo and Beyonce. Being so young [ 17 ] i see my peers going after certain stars "look" or style and no one tries to get that Beyonce look, because she doesn't have a distinct look. So if Rihanna can portray her style into her clothing line as if she was dressing herself instead of what she thinks people would like then it will be a hit. Giving people what you think they might like doesn't always seem to work, you sometimes have to put it in their head that this is whats hot and what better way to do that than to see the stars sporting it themselves. Love the Blog keep up the good work !

- Stephy B Long Island, NY

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