Would you wear...


...Marc Jacobs' gravity-defying pumps?

By now we've all seen the inverted heels that were the talk of Fall Fashion Week.


They're innovative, allegedly comfortable and Posh-approved, but would you wear these in public?


Even if Zappos.com was selling a version for $194.

Ellen Pompei would.


As for me, I admit they're surreal, creative and one-of-a-kind (<--- that could be my label whore tendencies talking) but my ankle hurts just looking at them. 


I'd imagine stepping off the sidewalk onto a NYC street becomes a death-defying feat in these shoes. And landing on my butt in a pool of murky water or a pile of litter, to the amusement of cab drivers and the delight of thirsty men (Hey shorty, if I help you up, can I get your number?), is not the way I want to spend my morning commute.

Amusing, perhaps, but ultimately they're just impractical and strange. Thoughts?



P.S. Even Berardi is jumping on the heelless trend with these 5 1/2 inch precarious platforms. 


He told London's Daily Mail, "When you walk, it's almost on tiptoe. You look really dainty." Yes, dainty is exactly the word I'd use to describe me flying headfirst down a flight of stairs. 

Apparently, the world loves them...or atleast England. They have to be ordered up to five weeks in advance at Browns stores in London. Huh? Discuss.


Fashion Addict said...

No Coutura, I am going to have to sit this trend out. I wouldn't pay $200 at Zappos or the thousands of dollars Marc Jacobs charges. That's an ankle sprain waiting to happen. But I love the Dior and YSL shoes from the post last week. Keep it up, girlies!

Fade to Black said...

I originally fell in love with the ideas of the gravity-devying heels. It seems to me that the fashion industry has overdone this trend within a matter of seconds. No, I would not wear them, but I am definitely in love with the two-tone shoe trend!

Food Lover said...

I'm with you Coutura--heel-less heels? What will they think of next?!?!?! I can see myself free-falling down the escalator in an embarassing tumble faster than you can say Marc Jacobs:)

Face Mode said...

Hush now!

I can't even walk in my regular heels like I use to.and I'm suppose to try and be graceful in those..

ankle break waiting to happen..

but cute in a crazy kinda way. eh

Courtney J Hixon said...

Wow, those shoes are crazy- ridiculous, but I appreciate the creaativity :)

Anonymous said...

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