Dancing Machines

Before I was swept up by the glamourous world of fashion, all I ever did was dance. So in honor of my deferred dream and Miss B's new Fosse-inspired video (featuring the guest appearance of a certain ring), I've brought you some of my favorite dancing videos of all time to get you through Monday...enjoy!

Beyonce, Single Ladies
Beyonce sashays into megastardom with an entire video of Fosse-inspired choreography with a bootylicious twist. Fosse may be turning over in his grave, but women everywhere are practicing every pop and roll in the mirror until it's sasha-fierce!

Paula Abdul, Straight Up
Her Highness! Before American Idol and televised sexual tension with Simon, Miss Abdul was a dancing queen. Here's Paula at her royal best. 

Janet Jackson, Pleasure Principle
A mover and a shaker, Miss Jackson stepped out of her brother's shadows to emerge as one of the most dynamic and beloved performers of all time. With a mirror, mic stand, chair and sensational dance performance, Janet proved she was here to stay.

Aaliyah, Are You That Somebody?
Who didn't know every move to this charming video, choreographed by the late singer's good and talented friend, Fatima? The steps were as young and spirited as the dancer herself, but Aaliyah's ease and effortless cool is what made the video a hit.

Madonna, Vogue
Inspired by a popular dance routine performed in gay nightclubs, Madonna created the mother of all dance videos and cemented her spot at the top of every Queen's list. Far from just a poser, Madge vogued her way into iconic territory.

Michael Jackson, Thriller
Groundbreaking. Theatrical. Spectacular. More than a music video, this was a horror film/mini-musical in which MJ's terrifying zombie and cat monster costumes and electrifying dance moves was the stuff pop legends are made of.

Classics. Let me know what dance videos make your list, and have a glam week!




Anonymous said...

Love SASHA FIERCE...and coutura FIERCE! B is definitely a legend in progress. WORK.

Anonymous said...

you forgot about Ci Ci... hate if you want to, but Ci Ci's dance moves are impeccable

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