Can Someone Tell Me.....

why these Real Housewives of Atlanta ladies can't afford good weave?! I mean, one would think that with all the money and connections they claim to have that their weaves would not be looking a hot mess, right?!
During a rare moment of downtime, I finally had the chance to watch the Bravo show...the episode about the birthday party that Nene (pictured below) did not get in. How tragic. What do you think?


Kim Zolciak....the wanna be country singer/single mom who lives off of her sugar daddy that she so fondly calls 'Big Poppa.'
Can you tell where her real hair ends and the weave begins?

Nene Leakes...that's a wig, right? Either way it's still a sizzling, burning, electrifying mess.

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Anonymous said...

you know what, I agree with you. But the thing is, I think bad weaves and the bee-hive full sew in weaves are just the trend in Hotlanta.

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