NARS Officially Opens First Flagship Boutique In NYC!

Hey Glamazons! While I may have been busy primping and preening myself back to glam girl status today (Side note: We won't even discuss the atrocity of my roots before my visit to see my hair colorist Adrian Wallace over at the Rita Hazan Salon!) NARS founder Francois was busy officially opening his new West Village boutique.

Located here in New York at 413 Bleecker Street (because where else in America would you put such an amazing thing?!) the 525 square-foot space boutique boasts a black and white color scheme along with swipes of a glossy red (which just so happens to be the same shade of NARS' Jungle Red lipstick). There are floor-to-ceiling mirrors inside as well as three screens that will display various films created by the brand.

As Coutura previously reported, Francois collaborated with his long-time artistic collaborator and friend Fabien Baron (that's him pictured below inside the boutique with Francois) to create the design of the store. As to why he chose to put his boutique in the West Village, Francois had this to say:

"I love Bleecker Street. It's a cool, fun area with great shopping. The boutique is very intimate and chic and the exterior is very old West Village, which is nice. The Bleecker Street storefronts are extremely charming."

The store will house the full NARS cosmetics product line and special products that include a 413 Bleecker Bento Box and 413 Bleecker Pure Matte lipstick (both pictured below). It officially opens to the public tomorrow (2/10) and I definitely plan on stopping by! That is if I'm not passed out in the front of Lincoln Center from the exhaustion of flitting back and forth backstage to Fall 2011 shows in heels...ugh.

What do you think of the inside of the store, Glamazons? And who plans on nabbing the special limited edition lip products?! (That 413 Bleecker Pure Matte lipstick looks amaze, right?!)



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