Julianne Hough Shares Her Skincare Woes (And Yes She Really Does Use ProActiv!)

You know, it's one thing to sign a contract that says you're going to endorse a product and it's another to not only endorse but USE the product that you're supposedly endorsing! While some of you may be scratching your heads and going "What in the heck is Ferocia talking about?!" let me clarify by saying what I said above makes perfect sense; AND that Julianne Hough, Proactiv spokesperson really actually uses the products! (Hence she has that amazing skin!)

How do I know? Well, only because I sat down and listened to her talk about it! Myself (along with a gaggle of other bloggers and editors) were invited to have a little chit-chat with the Dancing With The Stars dancer (which basically means you're allowed to ask her anything!) While I do admit that I'm not like a huge fan of Julianne, I did love her outfit, sweet disposition and that super cute dog of hers! (Outfit consisted of a David Meister dress and Salvatore Ferragamo heels and dog is a cavalier king charles named Lexi.)

One of the first things out of Julianne's mouth is that she's always had an ongoing battle with acne.

"I felt like everyone was looking at my zits, not looking at my eyes so it hurt my self esteem a little bit," she said.

Julianne described how her lifestyle of sweating up a storm while dancing and wearing a ton of makeup made her adapt a strict cleansing routine to clear her skin. She also said that getting in the routine of using Proactiv daily helped her to effectively get rid of her acne. (Can you even believe that she called the company herself to tell them that the stuff really works and thank them?!)

She uses the three step regimen from Proactiv daily but her favorite product is the Refining Mask (which also happens to be mine as well!) And I can't forget that she also loves the Makeup Wipes, which is another of my faves. (Can you tell that Julianne and I have sooo much in common?! hahaha)

What do you think of the Proactiv product line? Anyone else out there swear by it like Julianne and all of the other spokespeople do?!



Body Wash Supplies said...

Thanks for your review on Proactiv, I have always seen the commercials with celebrities endorsing it, but never knew if it actually worked. I would be keen to try it now after reading your post.

Julianne Hough sounds really lovely to, would have been wonderful to have met her.

Hannah said...

proactiv didn't work for me.

Hair Extensions Australia said...

I think Proactiv does not work for sensitive skin..its been a month since Im into 3 step regimen of proactiv and my skin has broken out so bad..the mask heals one but I get double the next morning..I don't know how to heal my inflamed skin.

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