Beyonce's Fierce Fragrance Drama

This just in! I heard the rumors that Beyonce was planning to launch her own fragrance (why it took her so long to do so, who knows?) but now they've been placed on hold.
According to a recent OKMagazine update (via Women's Wear Daily), Abercrombie & Fitch is suing claiming that they have rights to the fragrance name, Fierce. (Beyonce named her fragrance Sasha Fierce...yawn..) Can we please get a bit more creative with the fragrance names?! Or maybe she's really trying to brand Sasha Fierce?! (She's already planning to launch Sasha Fierce for Dereon this fall.)
Personally, I think it'd be hotter if her and Jay-Z joined forces to create a unisex fragrance!
What do you think Glamazons?


Anonymous said...

That name is extremely dry for a fragrance that is supposed to bb and make you feel "fierce". It doesn't pop and if I heard about it in passing and didn't know it belonged to Beyonce I wouldn't think twice about it. Now Bey and Jay teaming up to do a fragrance would be explosive! *Coin that name...quick! LOL

Jamie @ Rural Glamour said...

Awesome idea! a unisex fragrance with Jay-Z. I will buy that. but I won't anyting named Sasha Fierce. Sorry

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