NYFW Beauty Re-Cap, PART 1

Hi Pretties! Can I just say that I'm soooo happy for this 3 day weekend?! I'm getting out of the concrete jungle and can NOT wait! Hopefully it will help to prep my mind for the tumultuous time to come...also known as Fashion Week. As stressful as I know it is, I'm still excited about seeing all the new beauty looks and trends to come!!  So, with that said, let's backtrack to Fall 2009 fashion week. (Well, backtrack for ME, right on time for you guys!) And, complete side note, I'm heading to the Bliss spa this evening for a much needed oxygenation facial..woooosaaaaaa!

Charlotte Ronson 
Inspired by the recession, senior MAC makeup artist Luc Brouchard created a very strong lip and matte toned eyes for this show.
"This girl has no money," he said. "She's used to using stuff that she already has. The lips are where she's getting her attention."
For the foundation, he created a sheer look by mixing together MAC Studio Sculpt and a moisturizer. 
Sebastian's Thomas Duncan described the hair as a look very easy to get at home. He removed all of the body from the models' hair, pulled it back tight and used Sebastian shining products to finish.
TREND: Dark lips and slicked back hair

Hands down, this was my favorite show! If only Barbie could have a fashion show every season...sigh.
Since there were three different sections to the show (the past, present and future), head makeup artist Charlotte Tillbury (for MAC), kind of had her hands full when it came to creating these different looks for all 51 models.
She described the past as a "1950's dominatrix" because of her red lip, high gloss, black cat liquid eyeliner and shimmery eyelights.
The past was "a very dull look, like Sharon Tate," Tillbury said. "We used lilacs, soft pinks, white and grey. Beigey soft pink lids for a frosted look."
Tillbury also said this was her favorite show to work on. "Barbie has lasted for 50 years because she's perfect," she said. "She's got the perfect hair, the perfect boobs, the perfect legs and she doesn't talk!" 
The future? A Venetian mask, "like a peacock or a butterfly," she said. 
The hair looks (created by hairstylist Orlando Pita) were also broken into categories. For the past, a ponytail with bangs; the present, big teased hair ("Very Valley of the Dolls," he said); and for the future, the hair was braided and pulled up with bangs. Pita loved the future look the best because he was able to be a bit more creative with it.
TREND: "Pillow-box red lips are fabulous." - Charlotte Tillbury

Diane Von Furstenberg
The inspiration for DVF? A nomad; like the Sudanese women who go out into the desert. 
Tan, bone-beige eyeshadow was used to create naturally dark lids. Lips were also bone-beige and finished with a bit of lip balm; a very dry lip. No mascara was used and pearl-shiny cheeks rounded out the look.
The hair was also easy, breezy. Head hairstylist Orlando Pita used a curling iron to create big waves and described the look as very simple. "This woman is a free spirit, so we didn't use much product," Pita said.
TREND: Stick to nude eyeshadows for a new version of the smokey eye.

Miss Sixty
This makeup look wasn't complicated at all! The inspiration was very young and casual.
So, in accordance the models were given a deep, purple smokey eye. Four shades of purple were used and smudged together. A makeup artist there told me to stick to shadows with more blue to get this look at home. 
Hair was prepped with products from Living Proof and then extensions were used to add volume. Two chunks of hair were tied and laid to the side and no brush was used to give the illusion of more texture.
TREND: Blending together several of the same shade before applying on the eye will give you a cool, edgy look. 

Matthew Williamson
Head makeup artist Charlotte Tillbury (for MAC) described the inspiration for this look as a "1990's woman." 
Dove, brownish gray matte colors were used for a "groomed, soft smokey eye," she said.
"We chose to use gray of the usual hard smokey eye," Tillbury said. 
Lipliner and lipstick were both used to create the perfect pout. Very light foundation finished the look.
The hair was also very minimal; very flat with a square finish for a gypsy, boho look. Extensions were used to add length and hairspray was applied to the scalp to make the hair stay down at the top. A side part was created and no product added to the ends for a natural look. 
TREND: "Matte eyes give you a more done, finished look." - Charlotte Tillbury

Carolina Herrera 
Diane Kendall (for MAC) applied tonal, peachy colors to the cheeks; added a bit of shimmer highlighter underneath the eyes and a pretty shimmer on the eyes. Natural colored lipstick finished the look.
Hairstylist Orlando Pita was busy applying about 68-70 hair pins to each of the models' hair. Describing the style as "young and easy," he calmly explained that the hair had to be put up due to the big collars, scarves and furs that the models would be wearing during the runway show. Volume was created at the top, finger combed and sprayed with hairspray to set. 
TREND: Create your own hairpins! The brass flowers in the models' hair were actually pins that came off of the shoes and handbags from the clothing line. The hairstylists simply slid the bobby pins through the little hooks that were on the flowers.

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