FIRST LOOK!! Marc Jacobs LOLA Solid Perfume Ring

Marc Jacobs is a creative genius when it come to both fashion and beauty! With that said, I was not surprised that I'm already in love with his newest beauty creation: the LOLA Marc Jacobs fragrance ring. (Even better than his last one, the Daisy fragrance ring; which I still wear religiously! Once I even had some loser come up to me a party and ask me if it was a coke ring! WTF?!)
This oversized floral ring comes in a cute little purple pouch and is inspired by the exploding bouquet that blooms from the LOLA fragrance bottle. The perfect way to take this irresistible fragrance on the go!
Price: $42
Available November 2009 for a limited time only exclusively at Sephora and select department stores in January 2010.


Treatment Shop said...

I read some of your posts and enjoyed reading every information you've shared. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Did you get to choose your ring size? I saw it online and it is only available in size 7.

Glamour Diaries said...

It's soo cute!! I love it. I think the scent is so-so on me. I like others better, but I cannot resist the design!

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