BEAUTY NEWS: Estee Lauder Cos Close Prescriptives

When I saw the tweets, I just knew that it couldn't be true. That Estee Lauder would even be CLOSING down one of their beauty brands much less that it would be Prescriptives. But then I got my Friday issue of Women's Wear Daily and there it was...right there on the front page..."Lauder Slimming Down: Beauty Group to Close Prescriptive Division." Damn.
I can honestly say that I've never been much of a fan of the beauty brand until I started working as a beauty editor at a magazine. In my opinion, it was never a very well known brand unless you just knew beauty brands. (ie a makeup artist or a beauty product whore (what I liken myself to today haha))
However, once I was introduced to its fabulous foundations about a year or so ago, I've been hooked ever since! And now its gonna be gone. Sigh.
According to the article, products will still be sold on the web site to U.S. consumers until the products run out.
Prescriptives has been around since 1979 and will be the first Lauder brand to close - ever. Kinda scary and makes me think that if Estee Lauder is shutting down beauty brands then it's not gonna be long before other big companies start shutting things down. (I'm still afraid that CondeNast might do away with one of my fave magazines, Allure!)
R.I.P. Prescriptives.

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TJ said...

I'm already working out my contingency products. Sigh.

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