She by Sheree Spring 2010: A Fashion Show with no Fashion Sense? How Dreadful

Hey Glamazons!

Sorry, I didn't blog yesterday. I have truly been the walking dead (in Louboutin heels...so the wobbling dead) for the last three days.

I literally pulled myself out of bed to see the New York debut of She by Sheree, Bravo's Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Sheree Whitfield's collection, on Sunday. Despite only having three hours of sleep the night before, I had to drag myself there to see what all the fuss was about. I arrived at the Red Bull Space at 10am for our interview where the publicist offered me Red Bull (Did I look that bad?!!) Two and half hours later, Sheree arrived un-fashionably late. Side-eye.

To be honest, she may have been better off with just sketches of her clothing line. The designs were uninspired and the quality was lacking. That's not to say the corsets, minidresses, jumpsuits, sheaths, blouses and wideleg pants won't have success on the market; there are certainly young, trendy women who will proudly rock Sheree's designs to the club in Atlanta. But Bloomingdales and other high-end boutiques? They would surely close the store before selling an ill-fitting pencil skirt with an unfinished hem.

I am always supportive of people pursuing their dreams and am happy to see Sheree succeed (especially after watching the previous two seasons of the Real Housewives of Atlanta where she fought with her seamstress and event planner). But I have to say it is a smack in the face to fashion students and apprentices at established design houses who dream of starting their own line, that a reality star, with no experience or remarkable talent, can show at Fashion Week. I think celebrity has trumped talent in yet another industry (other corrupted industries: modeling, acting, beauty business, I could go on).

While I feel the collection left much to be desired, Sheree, who cited Zac Posen as one of her favorite designers, said the line has been well-received by "New York City and the fashion community." The inspiration behind her popular line? "The calla lily, my favorite flower," she said. "It's strong, bold and sexy and can stand alone. Like me." Sheree definitely stood alone in a She by Sheree Amish-meets-Morticia dress and Pierre Hardy booties.

The crowd, who came out in their Sunday's best and most elaborate hairstyles, brought the high-end glitz and glamour to the event. Sheree's hairstylist, for instance, proudly modeled his Michael Kors shorts, Manolo Blahnik over-the-knee boots and a Birkins bag. "You know what the bag is giving!" he told me.

Another divo modeled his vintage glasses and a fierce, freshly permed haircut and quite frankly, his hairstyle was more exciting than the collection.

Among the fashionista/os in the crowd, we spotted Briana Bigham of BET's Harlem Heights. Noticeably absent, however, were Sheree's Real Housewives of Atlanta castmates. When asked if she thought her collection outshone "Closet Freak," the latest line from Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Lisa Wu-Hartwell, Sheree simply asked that the audience be the judge. So Glamazons, what's the verdict? Do you love the collection? Would you wear it?




The Broke Socialite said...

No, ma'am, Sheree. No ma'am. These photos have rendered me speechless and that is rare for TBS!

P.S. I am related by marriage to Divo #1 in the white cropped jacket. *side eye*

stillluvATLHS said...

I give her credit for following her dream. If she wants to succeed "She" needs a major improvement...I wonder what the retail prices are because..Target may carry that and there is a market there for her.

To all the fashion students don't worry you'll have your turn!! DON"T GIVE UP FASHION NEEDS Y'ALL!!!

Sheree - Lisa = time, money & experience beat "She"..the crowd has spoken!!!

Val said...

I would have stayed in bed! Complete waste of time and energy. Having majored in fashion it highly pisses me off when people get amazing opportunities based off of their name, money or connections. She can't sew, sketch , or pick a decent piece of fabric blind folded. She is not a designer and I am completely embarrassed to know that she showed anything anywhere near fashion week.

Marc said...

This is very underwhelming given the amount of buzz built up over the course of two seasons of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. There was one piece that looked well-fitting and accessible but the rest looked excessively garish and grade-A certifiably hoochee. I suggest Sheree spend more than a few weeks in New York, Paris, Milan and London to capture the true evolution of fashion.

Felicia said...

I'm trippin out on seeing Sheena(Tyra called her baby Kimora) from ANTM in the "fashion" show. Umm I hope this is the first and last show for SHE by Sheree.

Ric said...

Who did the dang casting?! Dreadful.

birthday à la mode said...

Yikes! Frankly, I'm not surprised. If you're going to keep "bigging yourself up", make sure you have perfected your "craft". Dreadful.

Anonymous said...

I've seen all of this before but done better. H&M will give you more bang for your buck and you can find the same looks but vastly improved.

This is just a "vanity project" for BRAVO. Sheree does not have the connections or finances to market her wares. Big time designers are cutting back on production as retailers scale back on their orders. Designers are now marketing smallers more affordable lines under their larger brand because women are not buying expensive designer garb, we are in a full-blown recession. This chick is seriously delusional if she thinks she is on the verge of being another Kimona Lee Simmons. Not in this economic climate. The minute Bravo pulls the rug from under her She by Sheree won't be able to float on its own.

Anonymous said...

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