Designer Jason Wu is known for his chic yet sophisticated looks. (Case in point: the infamous dress worn by Michelle Obama on President Barack Obama's Inauguration Night...sigh...)

However, it was the hair look backstage at his Spring 2010 show that I fell in love with! Oh, I just died at the sight! (Ok, not really, but did think about swooning lol)

Here's what Wu had to say about the inspiration behind the look for his new collection:

"Contemporary artist Tara Donovan's installations were my creative starting point. She makes amazing displays out of plastic cups, clear tape and all sorts of everyday materials. Her art makes me rethink the way I look at texture and materiality."

Here's what Aveda's lead hairstylist Odile Gilbert had to say about the inspiration behind the look:
"The collection is rich with different textures and materials, so Jason and I worked together to create a hair look that plays with this idea. I wove a thick, black, sheer ribbon throughout the hair for a style that's feminine, yet contemporary and edgy. The look is very sculptural and organic."

Gilbert says the key to recreating this look is to "have fun and be spontaneous."
"This is a messy, sculptured chignon that can easily be recreated with any stiff, sheer ribbon," she said.

Here's some tips on how to re-create the look:
-Apply Aveda Smooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother throughout damp hair and blow dry straight.

-Work Aveda Smooth Infusion Glossing Straightener through hair to achieve a straight, smooth glossy finish.

-Seperate hair into front and back sections. Pull back section into a tight ponytail to the middle/back of the head and secure with a bungee elastic.

-Tie a 7-foot long piece of 6-inch wide, black horse hair ribbon around the ponytail. Secure each end to the head on either side of the pony with bobby pins the color of hair.

-Mist the entire head with Aveda Control Hair Spray for added shine and workable hold.

-Weave front section of hair back in smaller, 1-inch pieces, over the ribbon, securing against the head with bobby pins. Continuing weaving hair and ribbon, creating loops with the ribbon around back of the head, until all hair has been worked through.

-Weave ponytail in 1-inch sections in loops throughout the ribbon, securing against the head with bobby pins, until all hair and ribbon are used. Hair and ribbon are looped together spontaneously, creating a sculptural, voluminous updo. Fray the ends of the ribbon and leave exposed.

-Spray with Aveda Air Control Hair Spray for finish and hold.
*All Aveda products can be purchased at aveda.com.

This hairstyle will be perf for all of the fun holiday parties I plan on attending so I will definitely try to recreate this look on my own! What do you think glamazons?!
*Images by Jon Gurinsky

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Kim @ Black Style Central said...

Love those chic chignons. Jason Wu's collection was gorgeous as usual.

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