Backstage Beauty Looks: Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

Who do I love more than any other man in the world? Marc Jacobs. Yes, I know he's gay, but I'd marry him in a heart beat. But only for the clothes and accessories. (Is that bad?! hahaha) Ok, just kidding. I wouldn't REALLY marry him, but we could totally be BFFs. (Does anyone have his number that they could forward along?) 

For the Spring 2010 season, the Marc Jacobs collection was inspired by the contemporary dancer, Martha Graham: old-fashioned and theatrical but graceful and precise. However, there was the presence of a gothic romance that also shone through. Ballerinas with a sense of mystery - as if part of them, along with some of their makeup, had been left behind stage.  Here's what Francois Nars, founder and creative director of NARS Cosmetics (and key makeup artist backstage) had to say about the makeup look:

"Dancers in theater and opera always have white faces, pointed lips and an eye that is drawn outward, not upward - it's very theatrical, very ballet. The shape of the eyeliner is important-it should open up the eyes, especially underneath. The slashes of white is something they used to do in the 70s - it brings a 3-dimensional feeling to the makeup." 

Hmmm...what do we think of this look? Not that I'd want to run around the city with a white face (no pun intended), I did think the eyeliner was interesting. Maybe I'll wear it this way to work tomorrow! Don't you just LOVE experimenting with makeup?!

And now I'm off to a fun dinner date. Unfortunately it's not with a hot guy or anything. Being a young, single fabulous working gal in this city is hard work, so there's not much time left to date. I mean, where ARE the fly, single men out there?! Probably working as hard as I am hahahaha

Ah well, let me know what you think of this look! 



Marc Jacobs Beauty Look


Marc Jacobs 2

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