Ad Glam: Beyonce in Sasha Fierce for Dereon

Doesn't get much crazier, sexier or cooler than Beyonce's new Ad for Sasha Fierce for Dereon. Each pose and look epitomizes the young, fresh & fashionable spirit of the brand! The accessories (pink and black striped socks, the gloves, the glasses, the shades, the shoes!!!) are to die for and the fit is the epitome of body-slimming perfection...well, maybe just on Beyonce, unless the unitard magically gives you curvy hips and impossibly flawless legs!! What do you think of the ad and the Sasha Fierce collection?!




BVB said...

You know, if I could afford to, I'd probably buy a few pieces from Beyonce's line...I think this was a good idea.

Beautylicious said...

Hate the fashion, LOVE the poses. The first one is ferocious! And the last one is fiiierrrceee!

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