Temptu Launches At Home AIRbrush Makeup System

Yes, you read correctly: you will be able to airbrush yourself in the privacy of your own home. (Or anywhere else, for that matter!)
If you've never heard of Temptu, that's ok because you've definitely seen their work. (Remember the full bodied blue look worn by actress Rebecca Romijn in the X Men movies? Yeah, that's Temptu's Dura makeup!)
Used primarily by professional makeup artists for film, television and fashion, the brand is now spreading the airbrush love to everyone .
I recently met with Ava Scanlan, Director of Public Relations & West Coast Operations, who showed me how it works.
Known as the Temptu AIRbrush Makeup System and AIR pod makeup, it's actually a makeup system designed for at-home and everyday use. I admit that I was slightly skeptical about the whole thing because I definitely don't want to walk around on a daily basis looking like I'm wearing tons of makeup. But the great thing about it is that you can put on as little (or as much) as you want! Just pop an AIR pod into the AIRbrush, plug in the Air Compressor and get to spraying. There is an adjustable knob on the Air Compressor so you can control how much (or little) makeup that you apply. Genius, I tell you!
And if you want a tutorial of your own, Sephora beauty experts will be offering in-store AIRbrush product training for consumers. These products will be available on August 1, 2009 online at sephora.com and in 100 Sephora stores nationwide on September 15, 2009.
Here's a quick breakdown of products:

-The AIRbrush
A unique hybrid trigger for complete control that fits comfortably in your hand. Very lightweight for easy handling and completely hygenic.
-The Air Compressor (located below the AIRbrush)
Has adjustable air pressure and is lightweight for easy handling and portability. Works worldwide with a universal adapter.
PRICE: $225
*Also comes with a user guide, how-to DVD and a one year warranty

-AIR pod Foundation
Applied with the Airbrush Makeup System. Easy to use, mistake proof and hygenic. Contains a smoothing complex to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, color-correcting pigments to camouflage imperfections and moisturizers to help hydrate the skin. Gives the look of perfect skin!
PRICE: $55 for 2 AIR pods
*Worth 2 months of application; comes in 12 shades ranging from Porcelain (lightest) to Espresso (darkest)

-AIR pod Blush
Highly pigmented yet subtle formula goes on sheer and applies seamlessly into the skin for dewy color that lasts all day.
PRICE: $30 each
*Worth 2 months of application; comes in 4 shades ranging from Pale Pink (lightest shade) to Sheer Berry (darkest shade)

-AIR pod Highlighter
These universally flattering hues provide a luminous, healthy glow to your complexion. Blends seamlessly to provide all-over color as well as subtle accents and sheer contouring.
PRICE: $35 each
*Worth 2 months application; comes in 4 shades ranging from Champagne (lightest shade) to Copper (darkest shade)

Airbrush-quality formulas and high-definition results anytime, anywhere. Dispenses just the right amount of product for the perfect application every time. Water-enriched silicone formula contains Ceramide 3 and an olive oil vehicle which nourishes and protects the skin. Vitamins C&E provide anti-oxidant protection. Dermatologist approved; hypoallergenic.
Comes in Foundation ($47 each); Blush ($35 each); Highlighter ($40 each); and Powder ($43 each).

Ok beauty mavens, how many of you plan on purchasing this? Let me know what you think as soon as you do.
Happy spraying!

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