Would You Wear...Pasties?

Rihanna and Lady Gaga have taken a cue from strippers who first wore pasties to concede with indecent exposure laws.

Now, pop stars are decently exposing their breasts to the public sans strategically-placed pasties as the latest fashion trend. I guess the cleavage-baring corsets and dresses the rest of us wear just aren't enough.

Rihanna set her breasts free on Independence day with sequined star-shaped pasties.

And her pink star-shaped pasties provided a pop of color to the black sheer tank and white/black striped pencil skirt she wore to Katy Perry's concert. Now that's one way to rock the bright trend...

Pasties certainly prevent the ever-dreadful nip slip (I'm sure Janet Jackson wishes she had one on at the Superbowl). And I've been known to put band-aids on my nips underneath a halter or tank top so they don't make an appearance should the weather get chilly (has anyone used that trick?). I MAY use nippies for that, but I still wouldn't let everybody see them!

Retailers claim to make a killing so somebody's buying them...even if they're not wearing them out to Fourth of July parties and Katy Perry concerts.

Bristol 6 Nippies sent some pasties to the office that may make me reconsider (or atleast wear under sheer blouses). They come in a variety of colors and styles (even offering a bridal collection) and boast a wrinkle-free fit and waterproof adhesive so your nippies stay on during humid summer nights on the town. Sold?

Oooo...those fab, neon 80's themed nippies might make me feel differently. They're $15 each and available at bristols6.com.

And when the vast selection of pasties won't suffice, Lady Gaga just grabs black electrical tape and perfectly places it over her nipples. Genius! We can do away with shirts altogether and all just get dressed at Staples or Duane Reade in the school supply aisle.

Though I fully support loving and even showing off your body, I believe in leaving something to the imagination. Thus, my breasts will only be making half-appearances in cleavage-baring low-cut tops and dresses, no tape necessary. I may get adventurous though and wear pasties on vacation, where nobody knows me, haha. Would you ever engage in this risque fashion trend? Do you think it's edgy and free or just completely over-the-top? Discuss.




Anonymous said...

I think they are awesome...I love Nippies! People don't bat an eyelash when you can see a bra through a shirt, but scream "SCANDAL!" when you can see Nippies. They are cute and she is covering up...not a big deal at all. She looks hot!

Anonymous said...

I love pasties and would wear them out with my girls. As long as you're not going to work, they are fine. I really like the neon ones too and the pink snakeskin. I will wear them with my see-through shirt.

Kirsten said...

I agree- RiRi's nipple covers are so cute! She def pulls them off. While I have worn Nippies many times under dresses and tanks, I haven't paired them under a see-through top. But kudos to her for covering up...the last thing Hollywood starlets need is another nip slip!

sh.D said...

i'd rock 'em!

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