Weekend Fun With Christian Siriano

Ugh. This week has been so ultra stressful for us and it's only Tuesday!! While sitting here in the depths of hell (ie getting expenses done...I'm so very horrible at math and can't even stand to do it! Can't we just hire an accountant to do this?!) I started thinking about the past weekend. And what a fab weekend it was!
The Victoria's Secret PR team sent out invites to the beauty editors for the launch of the Christian Siriano for VS Makeup Collection (which you should already know about it! haute!) held at the Victoria's Secret store on 34th St. in New York. Christian himself was there taking picture and sighing autographs for his fans. (I must say that I was very impressed that he remembered yours truly from his editor launch event!) We chatted for a quick sec (he's so very excited about the launch of his cosmetics line...did you know that he used to work the cosmetics counter at Bloomingdale's before hitting Project Runway fame?!) and then I was seated in a chair for a professional makeup application. With a glass of bubbly by my side, makeup artist Christopher Ardoff  beat my face to perfection within a matter of minutes! (Ok, it was more like an hour, but who's counting?! He's amazing!!) My amazing friend Elaine Welteroth appeared (she's the beauty/fashion reporter at Ebony magazine) and VS makeup artist Polly Osmond immediately went to work on her. (See below for finished result) Afterwards, we snapped more pics with Christian and jetted next door to H&M for an impromptu photo shoot! (Because what else do you on Saturday afternoon in NY when you've got your makeup done?!) Check out some of the looks below. 
Afterwards, we ate some food, ran home to change and then jetted to a loft party in SoHo. Sunday was spent chilling at a low key BBQ in Brooklyn with friends. 
Although my laundry didn't get done (everyone says to just drop it off, but when do I even have time to do THAT?!) and my room didn't get clean (I think my mother would probably spank me if she saw it hahaha), the weekend was, overall, very relaxing.
With that said, I'm going to try and grab lunch now (instead of the usual 5 p.m.!) and finish expenses.
Hope everyone is having a fab Tuesday!

Makeup artist Christopher Ardoff working his magic on me. 

Makeup Artist Polly Osmond works her magic on Elaine.

The finished look! Don't we look glam?! 

Playing dress up at H&M...loved this fitted dress!! 

And this super cute party dress!! 

With some fun accessories, I could totally rock the boho chic look....

Meanwhile, Elaine opted for the baggy/boyfriend look! 

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