New Scent! Parisienne by YSL

I dream of one day walking the streets of Paris...living in a flat with a view of the Eiffel Tower and being seduced in French by the man of my dreams...sigh.
But, for right now, I've settled for the dirty streets of NY...living in the hood of Brooklyn and being seduced by that investment banker I met last night who still hasn't called or texted me yet (wait...what was his name?!)
It's ok though because I can now channel my Parisian dreams through the new YSL fragrance that just came across my desk! Fittingly named Parisienne, this floral fragrance contains the perfect mix of peony, cranberry, blackberry, patchouli and sandalwood to create a smell so sweet and subtle that it will leave any man pining for more after just one whiff.
And how fitting for Kate Moss to be the face of the fragrance!
"In the Paris dawn, before the sun has risen, a woman emerges with a secret. Light will never shine on the night that has passed. What happened? Shhhhhh! It's a Parisienne story." [a quote from the press release]
Oh, I just swoon at the mystery and romance of it all! [Just check out the ad pic below...hot!]
My new favorite scent! You can snag yours October 2009. [$39, 1 oz; $65, 1.6 oz; $85, 3.0 oz; $40, perfumed body lotion]

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