Hair Diaries: Off To Get A Brazilian Hair Straightening Treatment

I'm extremely nervous right now because I'm about to embark on a new hair adventure, glamazons!
In about 20 more minutes, I'll be leaving to head to the Rita Hazan Salon on 5th Avenue to get a Brazilian Hair Straightening treatment. I talked with my hair colorist/love of my life, Adrian, about getting the procedure done at my last hair color appt two weeks ago. He thinks it would be great for my hair, so I'm going in! Just a bit of background about my hair, it's completely natural (ie there are no chemicals on it, well besides the hair color that is). When it's wet, it curls up. To straighten it, I simply blow it out with a blowdryer and a brush and then follow up with a flat iron. Adrian says the Brazilian treatment will cut my styling time in half and I can say goodbye to the frizz! I love changing up my hair (see pics below haha), so I'm really excited about this! I'm off! Will post new pics and all about my adventure when I return.


Jocelyn said...

Definitely let us know the results. I've been perm free for 4 1/2 years now and because of my natural curly/waviness of my hair, humidity is not my friend.

Beautylicious said...

sounds exciting! I heard the Japanese are the business too to getting that bone straight look.

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