Magazine Glam: All Dolled Up! Vogue Italia and Rocawear x So In Style Barbies


My Managing Editor just got her copy of July's Vogue Italia supplement featuring the Black Barbie - AMAZING! I was in Europe when news hit that the EIC, Franca Sozzani, was dedicating the July issue to the iconic Black Barbie, so I saw all the pictures for the very first time in person. I have to say I was blown away.

Sozzani is the genius behind the Vogue Italia All Black Issue in July 2008, which produced groundbreaking sales and energized the discussion about diversity in the fashion world. Sozzani chose to follow up the All Black issue with the Barbie issue, as an homage to Barbie's timeless, iconic status: "Barbie has been an icon for whole generations which is why I really wanted to give a strong sign in step with the times, and dedicate the anniversary issue to Black Barbie," Sozzani said.

You know black women love their hats! And yes to the posh blouse, skirt and trench!!

Love the Lil Kim wig and the Rage-esque Afro Puffs!
And check the platinum-blonde Chocolate diva below...

Not to complain - I love the tribute - but I'll always wish Barbie could be a bit more shapely. Barbie is an ubiquitous part of popular culture and her influence on body image is immeasurable, thereby making her perpetuation of unattainable standards of beauty & booty even more damaging.

Mattel Designer, Stacey McBride-Irby, echoed my sentiments. After watching her five-year-old daughter play, Stacey was determined to create dolls that her daughter can be inspired by---dolls that truly celebrate cultural diversity through authentic details.

Introducing So In Style fashion dolls. Coming a long way from the inception of the first Black Barbie doll in 1980, the So In Style (S.I.S.) fashion doll boasts fuller lips, wider nose, defined cheekbones, curvy hips and curly hair you can actually style (seriously, Ferocia spent 15 minutes curling and spritzing the doll's hair).

Stacey, who is also responsible for creating the AKA barbie doll, came to visit our office and hooked us each up with a doll. I kept mine for myself instead of giving it to my niece - I know, I'm wrong (I'll buy her one, promise!). Mattel is officially launching the S.I.S. dolls this Fall - see the dolls below.

Here they are dressed in Rocawear...too cute!

You may not be able to tell how shapely the S.I.S. dolls are in pictures but after seeing them up close, I can definitely attest to their hips being wider and bottoms fuller.

Still, despite the impossibly thin physique of the traditional Black Barbie in Vogue, I find the supplement adorable and charming. What do you think? Will you pick up a July Vogue Italia issue? Do you think there's a need for dolls like the S.I.S. Fashion Dolls? Would you buy one for the little girl in your life? Do you think the hair and look of the S.I.S. dolls truly represent black women? If not, what would you change to make them look more authentic? Discuss.



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