Vibe Magazine is Back!

The Glamazons just learned that Vibe Magazine and Vibe.com named a new editor-in-chief, Jermaine Hall. We were saddened to have lost such a staple of our culture and are thrilled to see it come back to life! Via NYtimes.com:

The rapid resurrection of Vibe magazine continues: on Monday the new owners of the revived hip-hop and R&B magazine said that they had chosen Jermaine Hall as the editor in chief of Vibe and its Web site, vibe.com. Mr. Hall has previously served as the editor in chief of King magazine, a monthly title geared towards African-American men which ceased publication earlier this year. He was also music editor at the rap music magazine The Source and the webmaster at Vibe. [Click the above NYTimes.com link for more]

Hmm...should be interesting to see what Vibe Magazine will be like under new ownership and with a new EIC at the helm.

But while we're resurrecting mags, can we bring Suede Magazine back too?

Ahh, it was so amazing to see my life, style and culture come alive within the pages of Suede Magazine! Somebody, anybody please throw some money at the problem. Thanks.




fashionablyl8 said...

I loved suede! If they can bring honey back, they can give us back suede

The Style and Beauty Doctor said...

Me, too! I really hope they bring back Suede. I still have all my old issues...lol

Naptress said...

Hey Lady!..Do you know where you can find old issues of Suede Magazine..I only have the first issues in my magazine stash..would luv to add the others!

The Budget Brides Handbook said...

I just loved Suede Magazine. I definitely hope they bring it back.

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