From the Closet: Make Up For Ever Holiday '09

Besides the latest Bobbi Brown Creamy Eye Pencil in Caviar, my other fave eyeliners are the Aqua Eyes eyeliners from Make Up For Ever. So imagine my glee when I opened the black bag at my desk and pulled this out! AMAzing! In celebration of their 25th Anniversary, Make Up For Ever has created this 25 Aqua Eyes Collector's Edition set. (It even includes 5 new shades to the Aqua Eyes eyeliner range in order to create the magical number 25!) It's a bit pricey (see below), so if it's a bit out of your budget then snag the cute mini version, 5 Aqua Eyes Travel Collection, which includes a mix of the 5 best selling shades and newest shades. 

25 Aqua Eyes Collector's Edition
-Features the entire range of full size Aqua Eyes waterproof eyeliner pencils (from #0L to #24L)
-U.S.: $249 *a $425 value; Canada: $275 *a $475 value
-Available at sephora.com

5 Aqua Eyes Travel Collection
-Includes the shades: #0L (black); #21L (dark grey); #4L (plum); #12L (blue w/green highlights); #23L (champagne)
-U.S.: $35 *a $49 value; Canada: $39 *a $55 value 
-Available at sephora.com 

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