Kanye West's Clothing Line Closes

"Hermes, Pastelle, I pass the dressing..." Remember that line? Kanye West spit that memorable verse on T.I.'s "Swagger Like Us" in anticipation of his clothing company, Pastelle. Months later, his swagger is still intact (barely); however, his clothing line has taken a turn for the worse.

Yes, the bad news keeps coming for Kanye West, who notoriously interrupted Taylor Swift's moment to shine at the 2009 MTV VMA awards---and then shrugged off his offense against pop lovers and little teenage girls everywhere (btw, I got to see it in person from the stage pit; it was like watching a train wreck). Now as Taylor is beginning a stint hosting SNL, West is dropping out of his highly-anticipated Fame tour with Lady Gaga (who is, btw, clearly Glamazon of the Year) and closing the door on his highly-anticipated fashion line, Pastelle.

While Kanye West's flair for the dramatic and taste in women (the trend-setting Amber Rose and the lovely Ghita designer Alexis Phifer) certainly lends itself toward a career in fashion, the history behind his clothing line reads like...well, another train wreck. See below:

Pastelle was launching in Spring 2006, but Kanye couldn't find suitable business partners. Pastelle was coordinating with Ksubi (Australian fashion label) on an eyewear line, but nothing was ever produced. Pastelle was launching a clothing store in Chicago in 2009, but the franchise never opened.

Well, we'll always have scenes from his video "Good Life" (where the clothes were featured) and these pictures below...

Sound off: would you have bought clothes from Pastelle? Are you sad to see it go (before it even started)? What's the deal with Kanye? Why does bad news seem to follow him?



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Andre Alexis said...

Great article, I honestly could never see myself wearing any of the stuff from Kanye's clothing line, it's straight up ugly stuff. I think Kanye should stick to making music and leave the designing to the professionals.

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