Men's Fall Trends! Cardigan Classics

The sexy new menswear staple for Fall? V-neck knit cardigans.

Sleek, comfortable and warm, cardigans will be your go-to knitwear piece as the weather gets colder. And believe me, it's worth the investment. (Plus I secretly love how it falls over the shoulders and back. Hot!) Why, you ask?

(1) It's as flattering as it is versatile. A cardigan looks as brilliant layered over a dress shirt and tie as it does with a white tee and jeans.

Kanye's white tee, chain and jeans bring a casual vibe to his cardigan.

Layered over a dress shirt and tie, David Beckham's cardigan has a preppy, polished appeal.

(2) It gives your summer clothes leverage. You can layer a cardigan over your beloved polos, short-sleeve tees and dress shirts and wear them long into the Fall season.

Pharrell gets more wear out of his white polo shirt by wearing a cable-knit cardigan on top.

See how other stylish celebs rocked the look below, plus scroll all the way down for affordable options from some of your favorite brands.

But beware: this is NOT your grandfather's cardigan. Bold colors and contrast lining give it a fresh, updated feel.




Andre Alexis said...

Really like the Cardigan Kanye has on in the pic and also the one my boy Becks gots on....real grown man look....something I would have under a nice peacoat....

anthony said...

Really dope!! But I hate the fact that i'll never be able to find the cardigan that Kanye has on, let alone find it in my size...FML...But Melo be jive fitted on the low too.

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