Ode to Spray de Mode

I just had to take two seconds out of my life to profess my undying love for Bumble and Bumble's Spray de Mode Hairspray ($25, bumbleandbumble.com).
Out of the hundreds of hairsprays that I receive on a monthly basis working in beauty, this is (and still remains) my favorite. It even has its own little space next to my computer at my desk...which is kind of a big deal considering that my desk is always jammed with beauty products.
Why is it so great you ask? Because it gives you just the right amount of hold without the sticky. You can use it with heat (i.e. a flat iron) and it still doesn't get sticky. You can even spray on your hair and then blow it out and it still won't get sticky and gross. Also, you can still comb or brush through your hair in case you need to change up your look really quick and, yes you guessed it, your hair still won't be sticky! (Can you tell that sticky hair is one of my pet peeves?! hahaha)
AND it stands up to the yucky, gross New York summer humidity...which is a big deal for me considering that I don't have a relaxer on my hair. I can't travel without the magical purple can, so luckily it even comes in a 4 oz size ($15).
Don't believe me? Buy it and try for yourself and let me know what you think!

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