New Ingredients For Dove

It seems that all of the newest drug store body washes that I've come across so far have one thing in common: new technology for deep moisture.
Most of us are probably thinking that our current body washes are already chock full of moisture binding ingredients. And as long as they smell good and keep the ash at bay, who cares, right?!
Well, according to the makers of Dove, we should. They say that these body washes actually damage proteins and lipids in the skin's outer layer (the stratum corneum) leading to the loss of "critical moisture."
What does this mean? That you must throw all of your current drug store body washes and start using Dove's Body Washes with NutriumMoisture Technology asap! (Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but I tested it out and feel like it's good stuff!)
This new NutriumMoisture Technology will be infused into all Dove Body Washes and Body Bars and will replace the existing products that are currently on stands. It contains:
-Mild Cleansers: Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate, the main cleansing component, reduces protein damage during cleansing
-100% Natural Moisturizers: skin-compatible moisturizers that include stearic acid, soybean oil and glycerin that fully absorb into skin to replenish lipids lost during cleansing
The new Dove Body Washes with NutriumMoisture come in 3 variations: Deep Moisture, Sensitive Skin and Gentle Exfoliating. All will hit the shelves of mass retailers in August 2009. ($3.77,12 oz; $5.84, 24 oz)
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