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Hey Glamazons! Speaking of my new new super cute short layered haircut (well, short for me anyways...I've never had so much of my own natural hair cut off this much!), I wanted to tell you all about the perfect hair product that I've found to match my perfect short layered cut:
This amazing concotion of what seems to be part serum and part cream (note the dual sides below) actually utilizes a "patent-pending Ionicon Polymer Technology that creates separation and weight dispersion through negatively charged macromolecules that repel each other and created controlled separation." (According to the press release.) But, forget about the weird science technical definition. All you need to know is that it's lightweight, non-sticky and will leave you with perfect shagalicious hair. The whole point of this product is for you to maintain that fresh "I just got a haircut yesterday" look when you really may have gotten it cut two weeks ago. Because it's heat activated, you can use it right after you wash your hair and before you blow dry it, or as a daily styler. Just be sure to apply it from scalp to root. (No, it won't weight your hair down and make it all greasy and gross, either!)

And (because no two haircuts are created equal), the brand also has catalysts for these other haircuts as well:
The Bob - For the forward flowing angular cut that utilizes clean geometric lines to delicately define the shape of the face.
The Pixie - For the cropped, tailored cut that's super short and can be worn smooth and sleek or deliberately tousled.
The Blunt Cut - For the precision cut that's typified by the even, unified length from root to end with clean lines and blunt edges for a sleek silhouette.
Long Layers - Keeps your layers connected so they never fall flat. *News Flash: My beauty blogging friend Megan McIntyre from Daily Makeover just informed me last night that she's been using this product and her boyfriend can't stop complimenting her on her hair! Yes, it's that great.

There are also sulfate and paraben free shampoos and conditioners in the line as well:
Dry Hair Shampoo *Side Note: Tested it along with the Deep Conditioner on Saturday night and it left my tresses super soft and manageable.
Light Conditioner
Medium Conditioner
Deep Conditioner

Prices: Catalysts, $28 each; Shampoos and Conditioners, $22 each
All products are currently available exclusively at Sephora and sephora.com so go and get yours now and I dare you to tell me that you don't love it!! =)
*News Flash: Reading this and really wanna try it but not sure which catalyst you need? Brand ambassador Kyan Douglas (you know him best as that super cute grooming expert from the TV show Queer Eye For The Straight Guy) will be at the Sephora Times Square this Saturday (Feb. 13) from noon to 6 p.m. to answer any and all of your questions about the brand. So now you really have no excuse but to go and get this product.

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Chantal B. said...

I'm stoked to try this one out now. This should be great. I need to have a manicured look at all time lol. Thanks for the suggestion. Seem a little pricey but clearly you get what you pay for.

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