Fashion Week: Ports 1961 Fall 2010 with the cast of MTV's "The City"

Hey Glamazons!

So in just two weeks, Ferocia and I have walked into two tapings of MTV's "The City." Coincidence? I think not. Clearly, we need our own reality show! (MTV, call us). Just kidding, sort of.

The Ports 1961 show was quite the production behind-the-scenes with Whitney Port, Roxy and our good friend, Joe Zee taping for the reality show hit. The crew filmed them walking into the Promenade at Bryant Park (where the show was held) and absorbing the beautiful fashions.

And beautiful fashion, it was! Across the runway, Ferocia and I were in love with every exquisite piece. As I reported earlier, designer Tia Cibani took inspiration from "the relationship between discovery and invention." To that end, the collection was rooted firmly between "the classic and experimental." The menswear detailing, feminine shapes and rich color palette embraced tradition while the architectural silhouettes, innovative textiles and digital prints were surely a nod to the future.

My favorite pieces boasted stunning glazed jewelry in the form of a necklace or a jeweled detail on the shoulder that radiated beauty. Since Ports 1961 always delivers tailored, classic pieces, it was lovely to see Cibani incorporate the futuristic style du jour without sacrificing the brand's signature look. And the hair?! Big, fussy, wild curls that were to-die-for! The models looked free, modern and cool. Check out pics below.

On a more solemn note, the show started with a moment of silence for fallen fashion icon, Alexander McQueen. The whole fashion world is mourning the loss of a great talent. Check our tribute out here.

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