Backstage Beauty: Cynthia Steffe, Fall 2010

Hey Glamazons! To say that I'm exhausted is an understatement. I've been running around snapping photos and getting interviews at almost every show on the Fashion Calendar in order to get the scoop on the newest trends for the fall.
Backstage at the Cynthia Steffe show, the hair look was very "modern 60's," according to makeup artist Christian McCulloch for MAC.
"It's a cleaned up mod look," he said. "She's a bad girl gone good."
Inspired by the French actresses of the 1960's (think Bridgette Bardot) McCulloch described the look as "a classy, sexy, gorgeous girl."
Black eyeliner was used and then smudged into the lash line along. Heavy amounts of mascara were used.
"It's like she's left with the remnant of a night out," he said. "It's a sexy worn in look."
A fleshy, pink color (Lilicent by MAC) was used on the cheeks. Makeup artists tapped it on lightly with their fingers and then used a makeup brush to smudge it in.
Rolando Beuchamp of Bumble and Bumble said the look was inspired by "the cool girls from the streets of London and Paris."
The hair look was straight with a bit of fringe. Bangs were also added in.
"We used the Bumble and Bumble Prep, Style Lotion and then created a matte look with the use of hair powder," he said.


fadetoblack said...

only a few more days and you can rest :)
awesome that you get to see all the shows... soo exciting :)

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