GLAM OR SHAM?: Beyonce 'Heats' Up the TV Screen for Fragrance Commercial

We read what Ferocia thought about Beyonce's first fragrance, 'Heat' licensed by Coty. But with this commercial, does it even matter what it smells like? After the men finishing drooling and the ladies finish practicing the moves in the mirror in their favorite silk red dress, they will undoubtedly run to Macy's to purchase the fragrance.

What's more? To kick off the launch of 'Heat,' Beyonce will illuminate Union Square on February 2nd with a fiery red light and smoky fog, giving the city an aura that matches her sensual appeal. The lighting will serve as a backdrop to her super exclusive launch party for all her friends in media and entertainment.

On February 3rd, it's all about the fans. Beyonce will make a personal appearance at Macy's Herald Square, where the first customers to purchase the Beyonce Heat 3-piece fragrance set will get the chance to meet and pose with the pop icon. I can see the line of uncontrollable stans forming in my head, clamoring to touch the hem of her House of Dereon garment. 

Both events will be chaotic enough to usher in the launch of the 'Heat' fragrance in true Sasha Fierce fashion. 

What do we think of the commercial, Glamazons? It's superhot, that kind of play after 11pm with a parental advisory disclaimer hot. Is it too seductive for her super-clean image (cue her 20/20 interview airing in full today before the Grammy's)? [My boo said he forgot what she was selling: fragrance or...something else.] Or is it irresistibly sexy in a way only Beyonce can get away with?

What's the verdict? Glam or a sham?


Margo said...

Chiiiiile all I can say is FEVER! Very sexy commercial. As a Stan I would love to be in Herald Square to meet my girl...even if the fragrance isn't all that...SMH @ my love for Bey.

Anonymous said...

I think it's funny when Beyonce TRIES to be sexy. Mainly b/c she is sexy and doesn't need to try. So when she tries it's just awkward and hilarious. *See the end walk and poorly delivered sale/last line* Oh Bey. haha.

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