Helping Haiti: Tracy Reese and MAC Give Back

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In the wake of this tragedy, it's so beautiful to see people coming together to help those suffering in Haiti.

Last night we learned that the MAC Aids Fund is donating $500,000 to relief in Haiti. Nancy Mahon, the Executive Director of the MAC Aids Fund, had this to say about their significant contribution via the Huffington Post:

At the MAC AIDS Fund, the foundation I oversee, we have spoken to the organizations that we fund in Haiti over the past several days and have decided to give $500,000 to those groups - the Clinton Foundation, Partners in Health, and GHEISKO - for their disaster relief work because we know them and we are familiar with their high quality work.

The organizations are all are working to deliver emergency medical care, food and supplies to countless victims. They are organizing logistics to get the medical staff and supplies needed for setting up field hospital sites in Port-au-Prince, where they can triage patients, provide emergency care, and send those who need surgery or more complex treatment to hospitals and surgical facilities in the Central Plateau and Artibonite regions of Haiti. They are also arranging for private planes of medical supplies, tents, blankets, water and other essential items, as well as experienced medical volunteers, to be brought into Port-au-Prince and the Dominican Republic in the next several days.

One of my favorite designers, Tracy Reese, is also doing her part to help quake-ravaged Haiti by donating 10% of this weekend's sales (January 15th and 16th) from the Tracy Reese boutique (641 Hudson St.) to the American Red Cross. Here's the email she sent out below:

Dear Friend,
Like everyone else who has witnessed images of the terrible tragedy caused by the horrific earthquake that has devastated Haiti since Tuesday evening, we feel overwhelmed. The images that flash on the TV networks, the internet, and the social networks portray a tsunami like loss of life, critical injuries, uprooting, suffering and pain. It is impossible for us to even imagine the scope of this devastating catastrophe.
And yet we are deeply touched and moved by the Human Response to this crisis. The world has mobilized and governments all over the world are rushing aid and specialists to help Haiti cope with the disaster. All of us at Tracy Reese are inspired to do our little bit and contribute to this cause. In addition to the personal contribution my colleagues and I will make, we will donate 10% of all our proceeds from our store during this weekend (January 15th and 16th) to the American Red Cross to support the admirable work they are doing to help Haiti cope with this difficult time.
We invite you to join us in supporting the relief efforts in Haiti. You can make a contribution by check to The American Red Cross, and we will ensure that these are passed on to The Red Cross. In addition you can make a direct donation on the Red Cross website: http://www.redcross.org/
Thank you,
Tracy Reese

It is truly touching to see big name beauty companies and designers get involved. But every contribution and effort is needed to bring relief to a country shattered by an epic natural disaster.

Click here for my article listing other charities you can donate to.

Click here for a list of restaurants donating to Haiti in NYC.

If you have a legit charity not listed or know of a clothing drive etc. that people can be involved in, please share in the comment section of this post.

Keep Haiti in your prayers,

The Glamazons

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