Brand Your Body?

Hey Glamazons! Alright, we have to confess that when it comes to fashion, we love a good label just as much as the next girl. Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton....nothing excites us more than to showcase our fine fashion labels to all of the public. (My heart seriously stops beating for a second when I see the reflection of my red bottomed Louboutins.)

But, when it comes to beauty, we don't mind pinching pennies because (unless that YSL compact is whipped out at a party where everyone can see or someone just knows the smell of LaMer) no one will even know that our products are super expensive; they can only just assume.

So, we were slightly shocked to see the latest level of beauty "branding": Skin by Chanel, a beauty kit designed by Ryan McSorley. (Yes, we know all about the soon-to-be-released temporary Chanel tattoos. I (Ferocia) think they're very cool and would actually wear it, but I don't think I would take it quite this far!)

This little white pod (etched with the brands label) contains a cleanser, toner and lotion; which seems pretty normal on the outside. However, the kit also has a logo impression that you can wear on your skin. It looks like an eye patch, but you simply place it on for awhile and it leaves the etched Chanel logo into your skin. We're not sure just how long that etched logo lasts, but we're seriously wondering who walk around with it in their skin; it seems almost juvenile.
Here's what designer McSorley had to say about this item: (from notcot.com)

"As with mass-produced commodity products, skin is a means for individual expression - we want to be different and set ourselves apart from the masses. Just as we can define ourselves through the brands of clothing we wear, or the brand of mobile phone we have, we can now define ourselves by the brand of skincare product we use. If you are using skincare by Chanel, you want people to know that your skin is by Chanel, in the same way that Chanel handbags have clear branding, why shouldn't our skin?"

"I chose Chanel due to its strong logo and brand history, and the fact that it is a high end brand. The kit is used at night before sleeping. There is also a headband in the kit, which is tied around the head and worn while sleeping. There is a silicone Chanel logo on the underside of the headband which during the night leaves an imprint of the Chanel logo on the skin, which is visible for a few hours. People can then clearly see that the owner uses Chanel Skincare and not some other brand. Their skin has been branded Chanel...the ultimate fashion accessory you might say?!"

While we're not sure how much this will cost or if (and when) it will be available for purchase, we thought it was very interesting. It's also not very clear as to whether this is endorsed by Chanel (we're assuming that it is) since it doesn't specifically say which beauty products will be included in the kit. (We're also just assuming that these are empty white bottles that you would fill with your own Chanel products; or maybe they're already filled with the products?)

Whatever the case may be, we just thought it was a little bit bizarre. (I mean, I wouldn't actually paint myself red just to showcase my love for Louboutins!)

What do you think? Is this something that you would actually buy? And, if so, why? Discuss.



diana said...

so pretty much you're branding your face to let everyone know that you're using chanel skin care. I think it's pretty interesting but I wouldn't rock the imprint. I too feel its a bit juvenile but I can definitely see a lot of teens wearing it! I would wear chanel on my arm or my chest but not the face so i'm looking forward to Chanel's tattoos that's releasing soon.

Felicia|DaLipstickBandit said...

Hell no!
Why would I pay to brand my skin and give that brand free advertising on my face?! I agree with Diana, I do see teens doing it...that's a little err---extreme!

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