Obama Town!

Hi glamazons!

If you've been following this blog, you already know I'm stricken with Obama fever (see my ten-part post on Michelle) and I've traveled all the way to DC for the vaccine. Judging from the Obama headquarters (souvenir store that sells everything but the actual napkins he used) to the metro cards adorning his smiling face to "93.9 OBAMA FM," there is no cure.

(UPDATE: I just heard an ad for O-jamas, Obama-inspired sleepwear. Our people are so creative!)

I've got invites to several exclusive, exciting "galas," including Diddy's superstar gathering at LOVE on Saturday. And I'll be reporting every news-worthy event, star-sighting and glam fashion moment here first so stay tuned!

Yeah, it's freezing cold (18 degrees), crowded (me and 4,999 other Obama enthusiasts) and I'm sleep-deprived (what's new?), but I'm doing it for you...and to share stories with my children and children's children...and children's children's children. Oh and keep your fingers crossed that I'll have a random run-in with Obama at Ben's Chili's or Busboys and Poets, lol.

Speak soon!

Bursting with excitement,


P.S. Here's some more pics of Obama at Ben's Chili.

I love a man that knows good food!

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