Sneak Peek: Real Housewives of Atlanta

Okay, so if you have the discipline to wait until the full reunion show airs tomorrow, DON'T press play!

But if you can't get enough of the foolish, you're-embarassing-the-family-on-national-TV ignorance that is Real Housewives of Atlanta, then enjoy!

I'll be having a reunion get-together tomorrow night with my girlfriends to watch the war between Nene "Are you my daddy?" Leakes (who has a fan in...Anderson Cooper?) and "29-year old," Kim, the chain-smoking country singer. From the previews, Nene looks like she's going to read her, write her, erase her and then put her back in the library for someone else to read her. I can't wait! The next morning, I will be wasting precious office time to discuss a play-by-play recap of the events with my co-workers. And I'll do this all, shamelessly.

P.S. Bravo, thanks for the sneak peek. Now, can you give hairstylist extraordinaire Dwight Eubanks his own show for giving us the soundbites of the season: 'A fashion show with no fashion? How dreadful.' and 'Don't I look good for 50? My secret? Sex three times a day.' Ahh, and the list goes on...

Tell us what team you're on: Team Nene/Lisa or Team Kim/Sheree. Or if you're busy watching more important TV like the news on CNN and don't understand what the fuss is, you can sound off here too.



Video: Bravotv.com.


Food Lover said...

I am so mad that I missed the reunion show--will have to catch it on the rerun. DEFINITELY a guilty pleasure; doesn't make me want to live in Hotlanta though--nope, not one bit.

Channy B said...

I love all them.

However, I like DeShawn because she was the classiest. She spends a little toooooooooooo much BUT she is still humble.

Lisa is my girlll. She is the one that you look up to as an example of a go getter..

Sheree and Kim are just two lonely women that need to get it together

And NeNe is great. Doesn't bite her tongue for anyone. Loves her.

DWIGHT is AMAZING.. I DEF love him.. Did you see his wet and wavy.. FIERCEEEEE lol.. "These are the prettiest feet you will ever see in a man. Ain't I perfect."

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