Kitty Fever.

Hello Kitty has once again staked her claim in the beauty and fashion realm with the launch of her latest collabo with MAC Cosmetics. Celebs, fashion designers, makeup artists and cosmetic execs alike were spotted drinking and toasting to her royal kittiness last night in NY at Cedar Lake; and some even paid homage with their own bodies! (Starting with the outfit pictured here...fierce.)
To kick off their newest brainchild, MAC Cosmetics teamed up with international fashion designers to create a special fashion exhibition inspired by looks from the product line. Each one-of-a-kind ensemble (along with the products) were on display last night at the cocktail soiree...and I must admit that it was rather difficult not to just snatch these snazzy outfits off of the models and run....well, not that I would REALLY do that and it probably would have been kind of hard considering that most of the outfits were being worn by REAL models. (See pics below; how they managed to stand on those platforms in those crazy high heels, the world may never know.) Luckily, each outfit will be up for auction on eBay.com and all proceeds will benefit The Museum at FIT.
The MAC Hello Kitty Colour Collection itself is like the realm of somewhere between waking and dreaming. Using inspirations straight from the Spring 2009 runway collections, MAC Cosmetics created a palette of eye-catching wearable colors for the face, eyes and lips. With whimsical names such as Strayin and its crazy, psychedelic packaging it's hard not to get caught up in the fun of the line. (My personal faves are the LipGlass in Nice Kitty and Beauty Powder Blush in Tippy.) I attended the editor product launch event a couple of weeks ago where the brand introduced us to the Hello Kitty story line. (Creating a story line to go with your products=genius!) According to MAC Cosmetics, Hello Kitty is "cute and sweet" but also has an edgy side and "represents the desire in all of us to be both innocent and mischevious."
The line will also include accessories (Brush Collection, Purse Mirror, Mirrored Key Clip, Beaded Bracelet w/charms, Hello Kitty Plush Doll and makeup bags) as well as Kitty Kouture items (Dazzleglass w/Swarovski Crystal charms and matching blinged out sheer powder compacts).
I already have mine, but you can snap up yours at MAC counters nationwide and on their website (www.maccosmetics.com).


Products from the MAC Hello Kitty Kouture collection.

Actress Malinda Williams was looking nice! However, I was a bit confused by her choice of dress with those fishnet tights....but she's cute, so whatever.

BJ Coleman is back on the scene. He was spotted flouncing around the room and letting EVERYONE know that Malinda Williams was HIS client. I'm glad to see that he's working and all since his breakup with Kimora, but if that's the only interesting thing you have to say, why bother talking?!

I have no clue who this woman is, but thought her outfit was pretty hilarious. Even funnier was the fact that she wasn't even on the guest list! (I found out after showing this pic to one of the PR girls to try and get her name.) Just goes to show folks that if you dress the part in NY, you can always get in!


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